There are many topics being discussed in our country and I believe everyone has differing opinions when it comes to the priorities of those topics. No one person can cover every topic that means something to someone, and I am no different. I will do my best to cover a wide range of topics with the hope that they, combined, will provide a greater depth of view into my policies, principles and vision for a brighter America.

Health Care

As a person who believes in the Constitution's protection of the right to life, I also believe that every person should have equal access to affordable health care. With a government that has consistently shown that it cannot be trusted to be financially and ethically responsible, I will not trust the control of health care to such a system; Instead, I would like to roll-back the legislation which paved the way for increased costs of health insurance and restore a competitive market approach.


Our country was founded on the principles that a people could lead the world by a better example and that all people are created equally. I believe our country was founded to provide a better place for people to come who wanted to escape tyranny and to have a solid foundation for which they can build a better life for them and their posterity. We need to revise our immigration laws to make it easier for people to enter our country so they can live a better life.


Abortion will never be agreed upon across the board as there are too many aspects for it to be a simple topic. Demographics, education, sexual assault, health concerns, and personal beliefs all play a role into deciding which side of the fence a person chooses to be on. Personally, I believe abortion should be avoided at all costs. At the same time, I don't believe it's right for me, or anyone else, to tell a woman what she can and can't do with her own body.

Climate Change

The climate is changing and it is evident with record highs in the summer and record lows in the winter. We, as humans, have affected the changes we see and we need to work towards reverting the changes we have made. While many people believe we can accomplish this through further regulation and a reduction in emissions, this direction will only slow the inevitable. We need to promote innovation and dedicate our time and resources to the research and development of technologies that will reverse the changes we have made. What use does the present have if we leave nothing for our future?