Balancing the Budget

America cannot survive a continued over-extension of financial resources at the expense of the American people. The federal government continues to show a lack of conviction when it comes to its spending habits and we are in desperate need of financial reform. I will propose a constitutional amendment which restricts federal spending from exceeding the total federal revenue for the specified budget period while providing a means to pay down our national debt. While the necessity for a balanced budget is paramount, we must also cut spending to reduce the tax burden for all Americans.

Federal Spending Habits

Federal agencies fear the "use-or-lose" funding policies and are quite frugal throughout the fiscal year. During the last month of the fiscal year, agencies will spend far more money than they did over the previous eleven months in order to spend every dime of their funding. Every year, agency funding is increased to levels far beyond what is necessary and the cycle needs to end. I will review agency spending habits in order to create a new budget based on the average fiscal expenditures, minus the year-end shopping sprees. In addition, I will review each agency to develop a cost-benefit analysis for each program and remove those that are not performing at an acceptable standard.

Tax Law

I am against income tax; I believe every American has the right to every penny they earn and should be allowed to spend it however they choose. I will work towards abolishing the 16th Amendment in exchange for a consumption-based tax model which will apply to all goods, services and materials. This will provide the American people with more buying power while forcing the government to spend less money. A consumption-based tax model will also allow me to work towards the elimination of the IRS and any resources utilized while levying income taxes.