I am running for President of the United States in the 2020 election because I cannot sit and watch the country continue down the path I see it traveling. Our national debt continues to climb, the cost of medical care is climbing, and our education system is failing. We are losing our edge in many global arenas and our government seems more interested in speaking for corporations which pad the pockets of our elected officials while our cost of living is consistently increasing. I believe that serving as a representative, senator, or president is a civic duty and should not be a career path for which one retires upon completion. I believe we have officials who have been sitting in their seat for far too long and have stopped serving their constituents for much longer.

Like many Americans, I work a full-time job. I am a salaried manager and I often spend more than a typical forty-hour week performing my responsibilities. Due to the nature of my work location, I do not have the flexibility of traveling the country to hold rallies and speak to the American people. The majority of my campaign will be through this site and my Facebook page and I would like to encourage you to share the elements with your friends and families. Unlike many of the other candidates running for the next term, I do not have a job that would allow me to take so much time off of work. If you like my vision and agree with my principles, all I ask is that you help me to get my name out there so more people can share in our vision for a brighter future.

I am tired of the negative campaigns and the dirty politics. I am disappointed in any candidate who feels the need to tear down other people in order to gain points in the polls. While I will disagree with other candidates and their proposals, I will not tear them down or attack them; instead, I will share with you why I do not agree and how I view the topic in question. If my direction and vision does not earn your vote, then I am not the right candidate for you and I will not resort to dirty tactics just to change your mind. If you believe I have earned your vote, help us build a better tomorrow by volunteering your time to help me get access to the ballot in your state. If we can win the election under these terms we will change our country for the better in a very short amount of time.