Core Values

I am proud of who I am and what I have accomplished. I will not change who I am, or compromise my principles, just so I can win your vote. I want to earn your vote by showing you how my vision can improve your quality of life.


No one is perfect and I am no different. I am human, I have made mistakes, and I will make more in the future. I am not afraid of making mistakes and I have nothing to hide. I will always be honest with you.


I am dedicated to my fellow Americans. I have a beautiful vision for our country and I will work, tirelessly, to ensure that it is a vision realized.


Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. I will always treat you with the same respect as I would anyone else, and I refuse to operate a negative campaign. There will always be differing views, and everyone has the right to their own opinions.

Meet Krista

Krista, like many other working-class Americans, has become increasingly frustrated with our government and its lack of accountability to "We the People." We live in a time where federal expenditures are increasing every day - eroding our ability to remain financially stable - and there does not appear to be an end in sight. Our elected officials are showing a consistent disregard for every-day Americans and Krista is running for President so she can restore a government that works for us.


Krista Whipple profile picture Like many of us, Krista has spent most of her life in the workforce. She has filled a unique spectrum of job positions and has let nothing get in her way of her own idea of success. Krista started working during her senior year of high school, cleaning horse stalls at a boarding stable. She learned, early, the benefits of physical labor and the energy that comes with it. After high school, Krista joined the Marine Corps and spent five years in a technical support role for non-deploying units. Since her time in the service, Krista has spent more than ten years in the defense contracting realm. As a contractor, she spent time in Germany, Israel and Bahrain and has experienced different cultures, economies and political environments.

While the majority of Krista's career has been dedicated to multiple roles within the field of Information Technology, she spent a year as a cross-country and regional commercial truck driver which provided her with first-hand experience in the tolls these types of jobs can have on drivers and their families. She also understands how heavy regulations have hurt hard-working drivers while increasing the very risks they're designed to prevent.

Krista is a hard-working American who has fought her way up the ladder to live a better life. While she does not have direct experience on today's political stage, she is quite familiar with policy and how it affects our lives. She has a deep understanding of cause-and-effect and the policies which need to change in order to get our government working for us. Krista is, truly, a candidate "of the people, by the people, for the people" and we trust that she will get our country back on track.


Many Americans are overwhelmed with debt and are suffering through the cycle of living from paycheck-to-paycheck, and Krista was no different. Early on in Krista's life, she was irresponsible (as many of us can be) and made poor financial decisions. She dug a hole for herself and struggled with the consequences of her actions. Krista took advantage of a new and exciting job opportunity in 2016 and made the decision that she was done living in debt. She accepted responsibility for her financial plight and was determined to fulfill the commitments she had made. Krista rearranged her life, buckled down, and made sacrifices in order to work towards freedom from her debt. Fast-forwarding to the present, Krista was successful in paying off her debt and is responsibly maintaining her finances. Her credit score has increased over two-hundred points and she is using her new-found financial freedom to donate to charitable causes she believes in.

We understand how difficult it is for many families and individuals in today's economy. Education reform has hindered our children's ability to succeed. Health Care reform has driven up the costs, enormously. It's becoming more difficult for us to be financially stable and we believe Krista's success in her own financial recovery will serve us well when she begins to take measures to translate that experience to our government's financial practices.


Krista cares, deeply, about the environment and what condition we are leaving it in for our future posterity. While there is much debate on the topic of environmental policy, she believes the environment is best left to the people who live in it. We have seen global, environmental policies which are often a double-edged sword. When we look to the government to make these policies for us, we often find the consequences to fight against the very thing we're trying to save. Krista wanted us to include her note to express her opinions, directly.

I have fond memories of my childhood - my dad, my brother, and I - playing in meadows of gold. I can still remember the smell of the pine trees, the amazing blue-hue of the sky, and the gentle breeze as it whispered through needles of pine. Sadly, I also have unpleasant memories of traveling to Los Angeles for the weekends my mom would have with us. I can remember how painful it was to breathe within hours of arriving and how the dismal, brown-tinted sky had me yearning to be back in the mountains. While things have changed for the better, I believe we must work together, to further improve the world around us. I envision a cleaner, brighter future where our children do not have to worry about the water they drink or the air they breathe. I see a future where government no longer interferes with the will of the people, or their ability to unite for a cause which is greater than themselves. I see communities, banding together to agree upon a way of life which promotes the conservation of our natural resources. I see like-minded individuals who volunteer their time and resources because they want to preserve our national and historic monuments. Most importantly, I see a country of Americans who choose to grow their own food, capture and filter their own rain-water, and live their lives in a sustainable manner.

Krista Whipple